Design+Culture Lab's engagement strategy is rooted in creative activities to allow community members to be empowered to actively participate in the urban transformation of their neighborhood. While traditional engagement models often intimidate community members through complex language and processes; We aim to engage the community on their terms to ensure that the solutions are informed by the people they affect.

We organize our services into two-engagement lens, Community to Designers and Designers to Community.

For Community to Designers:

Whether you are an individual advocating for change or a neighborhood coalition or group working to develop a campaign for community-led transformation; D+C Lab innovative strategies provide the additional support to see your goals through. We can move your vision into action.

For Designers to Community:

Whether you are a developer, city agency or private design firm; D+C Lab can support your efforts to connect and work with communities, enhancing the outcome of your project. We believe community engagement is key to ensuring positive impact; therefore we provide a robust collaborative engagement strategy and increase your capacity to produce inclusive design.