Contributions To The Practice | Leonie Sandercock

Meet Leonie Sandercock,

Check out her influential contributions to the field of multiculturalism and place.

  • Attili, G and Sandercock, L (2007) Where Strangers Become Neighbours, 50 minute documentary, Montreal: National Film Board of Canada
  • Sandercock, L (2003) Cosmopolis II: Mongrel Cities in the 21st Century, London: Continuum (ISBN 0826470459 and 0826464637 (pbk.))
  • Sandercock, L (2000) When Strangers Become Neighbours:
    Managing Cities of Difference, Essay, Planning Theory & Practice, Vol. 1, No. 1, 13±30, 2000
  • Sandercock, L (1998) Towards Cosmopolis: planning for multicultural cities, London: John Wiley (ISBN 0471971979 and 0471971987 (pbk))
  • Sandercock, L (Ed)(1998) Making the invisible visible : a multicultural planning history, Berkeley : University of California Press (ISBN 0520207343 (alk. paper) 052020735 (pbk))