A Founder Roundtable: The Challenges & Opportunities For Women Entrepreneurs of Color

By Megan Burns

In February, Making Oregon hosted a roundtable discussion with three Portland, Oregon founders, Joy Alise Davis of Design+Culture Lab, Paige Hendrix Buckner of ClientJoy, and Lynn Le of Society Nine. Lead by Joy Alise Davis, the founders shared their personal startup stories and how they stay motivated in tough times, and talk about the entrepreneurial challenges and opportunities for women of color.

Listen to the podcast here

Elevating Impact Summit 2016

Written by Megan Burns

Joy Alise Davis was one of the speakers for the SOLD OUT event Elevating Impact Summit on February 5, 2016. She joined a group of pragmatic, creative people who are designing new solutions to pressing social and environmental issues and creating value for their companies, communities, and society at large. These social entrepreneurs are finding new ways to make a difference while changing how business is done. Impact Entrepreneurs' Elevating Impact Summit celebrated and shared new approaches to generating social and environmental impact across business, social, public, and academic sectors.

The full day program included a social innovation PitchFest; candid keynotes with renowned social entrepreneurs; diverse perspectives on funding for social impact; how an intrapreneurial company is partnering with employers to lower national recidivism; a look at the power of zip codes vs. genetic codes in lifelong health, and an exploration of the often untold risks, failures, and first steps to creating social change.


Saturday we did something crazy!

While speaking at the PDX Summit : Social innovation , our founder/owner announced our new initiative, Plus+.  After a year of practice, we wanted to establish a formal research initiative investigating the intersectionality between the built environment and identity (race, ethnicity and culture) .

More details to come in 2016!


This past Friday was the PDX City Club featuring our very own Joy Alise Davis, founder and Co-CEO of Design+Culture Lab, Tyrone Poole, co-founder of, and Paige Hendrix, co-founder of Tique Box.

Our awesome design research intern Nomin Lyons was able to capture these two videos of some of Joy's responses. The video to the left is Joy's response to "Why Portland?" The video on the right is Joy's response to "Crystal Ball... Where do you see Design+Culture Lab in five years?" 


If you missed the event in person and weren't able to catch it on OPB, you can watch the full segment here