Meet Nomin!

Hello! I am the Design Research Intern at Design+Culture Lab in Portland, OR. I grew up in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, but made Portland my second home. I majored in Environmental Studies and International Economics at Franklin University Switzerland. The location of the school created an opportunity for me to explore few European cities, their economies and culture. Looking back, it was a great experience, but a truly life changing moment occurred during my study abroad period in Madagascar. It was a humbling and colorful moment in my life.

I wish to be involved in community and socio-economic development projects around the world, and I am always in search for good methods to use in the field. In Madagascar, I understood that the fundamental items needed for a successful development project is to have understanding of the culture and logic that guides the members of the community. That includes language, history, customs and social dynamics to name a few. However, a true change should come from within the communities, which means they should identify the issues and others can aid to address the issues. What I wish to accomplish at D+C Lab is to learn the skills needed to create socially equitable urban neighborhoods that are able to maintain their unique characteristics in lieu of change.

I have not abandoned my wish to work on an international level, but for the moment my primary goal is to understand Portland and it's urban life.


PS: My one true hobby is dancing. Have you ever heard of popping or house dance?