Project Case Studies


This collaborative project between Design+Culture Lab and Brushfire Creative Partners, merges art with social justice to make a positive impact on Portland’s minority population. 
This project contributes data to the larger POC Survival Guide to Public Space Project, that seeks to create commonality between two cities dealing with similar issues. New York City, the larger metropolitan is known for its diversity but also deals with issues of racial segregation and cultural mistrust. Portland, the smaller metropolitan known as a racially homogenous city that struggles with cultural dispersion. The Project will provide an intimate space for People of Color to share their experience as members of a diminishing population in Portland. Using a custom designed-mobile communications suite, community members will be invited to use the small space to communicate the ways in which they identify, whether through, race, ethnicity, gender beyond what may be prescribed to them through. Participants will also be able to utilize the space to communicate nuanced experiences, feelings and moments that that have felt that have impacted their civic experience positively, or negatively.

Engagement Phase |  In Development

Deliverables | 

  • Community Data for POC Survival Guide to Public Space Project,

  • Documentary Shorts

  • Art Gallery 

Impact Measurements | In Development

Project Locations | Portland, OR

Client | Collaborative Project

Services |