Project Case Studies


The POC Survival Guide to Public Space is a collaborative project between Ron Morrison , Renae Reynolds-Diggs and Design+Culture Lab sharing stories, experiences, and knowledge about how people of color engage in the public realm. Collecting lived experiences from people of color, this project seeks to build new methodology and a deeper understanding of how race and space inform each other, moving away from the broad strokes of race as a demographic category and toward the intimate and the particular.In building this shared understanding, Design+Culture Lab ask people of color to submit stories, encounters, and reflections as a person of color moving within the city.

Engagement Phase |  June 2014 - Current

Deliverables | 

  • Interactive Storytelling Map

  • The POC Survival Guide to Public Space Zine  

  • Short Documentary

Impact Measurements | Still ongoing

Project Locations | Nationwide, focus on Portland, OR and New York City, NY

Client | Collaborative Project

Services |

Collaborative Design Strategy 

Engagement Management

Interactive Engagement Tools

Community Data Reporting