Project Case Studies


In 2015, Metro, City of Portland and City of Gresham began community outreach centered on the Powell­ Division Transit and Development Project. As experts in creative engagement, Design+Culture Lab was contracted to design/build four creative display boards and creative nonverbal activities for thirteen workshops for communities of color in Portland and Gresham. The goal of this project was to design tools that will allow community members to understand the benefit of this new transit route and to conceptualize the future site design options. Design+Culture Lab designed this communication tool to inform the public on the benefits of the project, but more importantly allow everyone regardless of their native language to participate in creative ways.

Engagement Phase |  April 1 2015 - May 20 2015

Deliverables |

  • Four interactive display boards, which include The Tri­fold Display Board, The Envisioning the Future Tower and The Participatory Voting Box; and

  • Envision Site Design Activity (Magnetic Board Activity).

Impact Measurements |

  • Envision Site Design Activity: 113 participants through the community based workshops.

  • The Tri­fold Display Board and The Envisioning the Future Tower: 25 participants from the interactive display boards.

Interactive Display Board Locations |  Rosewood Initiative, Portland Community, Mt Hood Community College.

Envision Site Design Activity Locations | 

  • CITY OF GRESHAM: Russian Speaking Network of OR, Latino Network, Tongan American Resource Committee, Oregon Bhutanese Community Org. and Chuuk Community.

  • CITY OF PORTLAND: Chinese Community, Vietnamese (VNCO), African American Community (PAALF), African Immigrant Community, NAYA and Latino Network. 

Client | Cogan Owens Greene, LLC , Metro, City of Portland, City of Gresham

Lead | Joy Alise Davis, MA
Support | Nomin Lyons, Hallie Will,
and  Karen Carrillo 

Contracted Services |

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Collaborative Design Strategy

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Interactive Engagement Tools

Envisioning the Future Tower_1.JPG
Magnetic Board Activity_Tongan American Resource Committee_1 .JPG
Magnetic Board Activity_Pacific Island Station.JPG