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In response to rising concerns about lack of community input, the Division Design Initiative was launched in December 2013 to give the surrounding Division neighborhood more voice in the future of Division. Building on the community engagement work of the Division Design Committee, Design+Culture Lab was hired to provide materials that inform and empower community members to actively participate in the transformation of their build environment; to establish measures of accountability between the community and traditional design experts (planners, architects, developers, government agencies) for future development; to activate inclusive public spaces, which serve as nodes for both converging and diverging movements; to create meaning out of fragments of cognitive histories, identities and perceptions; and to strengthen the social infrastructure of complex urban ecologies of the past, present and future. Design+Culture Lab deliverables for this project include.

Engagement Phase |  February 2015- August 2015

Deliverables | 

  • Coding and leveraging the 300 qualitative community engagement responses;

  • Assisting in the writing of the guidelines, which make recommendations for how to address design issues and concerns; and

  • Make further recommendations for implementation of the Division Green Street/Main Street Plan.

Impact Measurements | Still ongoing

Project Locations |  Division Main Street, Portland, OR

Client | The Division Design Initiative

Lead | Joy Alise Davis, MA
Support | Nomin Lyons

Contracted Services | 


Collaborative Data Reporting




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