Project Case Studies


In 2014, conversations emerged with Portland African American Leadership Forum (PAALF) and Black Leaders, to develop a People’s Plan for Black Portland. This plan will frame the policy agenda projecting the vision for a thriving black community and advance community ­initiated projects that benefit Africans and African Americans living in Portland, Oregon. As experts in creative community engagement, Design+Culture Lab was contracted as a consultant to lead the public involvement and project management for this project. By viewing the community as the drivers of change, Design+Culture Lab is currently developing a powerful tool for the organizing, advocacy, collaboration for north, northeast and east Portland. Design+Culture Lab ultimate goal is to empower the Portland Black community to assert their right to actively shape the city they live in.

Engagement Phase | January 2015- Current  

Deliverables | 

  • project management;

  • website infrastructure architecture;

  • collateral material;

  • workshop design;

  • culturally relevant community engagement strategy; and

  • policy integration.

Impact Measurements | Still ongoing

Project Location | Portland, OR Metropolitan Area

Client | Portland African American Leadership Forum (PAALF)

Lead | Joy Alise Davis, MA
Support | Nomin LyonsHallie Will,
Megan Burns and Karen Carrillo.

Contracted Services |

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Collaborative Design Strategy 

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Engagement Management

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Community Data Reporting

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